$350 from Trainn's YouriPodTouch4Free! Thanks guys! :)

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11-10-2007 07:49:51

Here's the deal. I completed an offer on Trainn's site YourFreeiStuff.com and it wasn't going through and the MCR was taking forever. The person I was trading with was getting a little uneasy and impatient, so I went ahead and completed a 2nd offer, which credited instantly.

A couple weeks later, the MCR went through on the first offer I completed and I thought to myself, "Crap, what a wasted offer.". I decided to contact Trainn anyways just to see.

They were AWESOME about it and right away said that they don't usually transfer stuff like that, but in this rare case, they would let me use this credit on another one of their sites. I chose YouriPodTouch4Free.com, found someone who needed a green, signed up under them, and submitted a support ticket, and VIOLA, within 1 hour, I was green!

Trainn absolutely rocks and does everything they can to make their customers happy! Can't say enough about this network!

I just wish you could do their sites over and over again, cuz I might would only do Trainn sites then! Oh well. D


11-10-2007 07:50:11

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11-10-2007 08:50:05