Lazadies and Gentizzlemen - yourtopbrands / $1000 gift card

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10-10-2007 17:00:59

started signing up for the 4 offers on may 15th
all offers approved may 25th
confirmation form mailed 05/25
confirmation form signed for 06/04
account approved 06/25

card received 10/10

[img031417cece]http/" alt=""/"383/5015/[" alt=""/img031417cece][=http//img="][img031417cece]http/" alt=""/"383/5015/[" alt=""/img031417cece]

[img031417cece]http/" alt=""/"229/5103/[" alt=""/img031417cece][=http//img="][img031417cece]http/" alt=""/"229/5103/[" alt=""/img031417cece]

[img031417cece]http/" alt=""/"50/9626/[" alt=""/img031417cece][=http//img="][img031417cece]http/" alt=""/"50/9626/[" alt=""/img031417cece]

[img031417cece]http/" alt=""/"229/5467/[" alt=""/img031417cece][=http//img="][img031417cece]http/" alt=""/"229/5467/[" alt=""/img031417cece]

[img031417cece]http/" alt=""/"222/177/[" alt=""/img031417cece][=http//img="][img031417cece]http/" alt=""/"222/177/[" alt=""/img031417cece]



10-10-2007 17:26:15

congrats, great pics!!

sandra habina

10-10-2007 18:01:01

Great job - have fun spending that. Congrats.


10-10-2007 18:13:18



10-10-2007 19:43:45

awsome, i got mine also and a $500 GC.

what are those red stuff behind the GC o_O


11-10-2007 07:52:16

Wow, 4 offers for $1000??? Congrats! Where do I sign up? Any refs required?


11-10-2007 07:52:41

http//[" alt=""/img3d31130022][=http//][img="3d31130022]http//[" alt=""/img3d31130022][/url]


12-10-2007 07:11:45

And that make of GC can be cashed out at an ATM, with a daily limit on withdrawals of $1000, so take out $980, deposit in your bank account and spend the remaining ~$16 on something for you or your GF. D


13-10-2007 06:09:52

That's an AWESOME gift card! Great job!


13-10-2007 07:39:01

Congrats, sorry about the D-Backs.

dolynea-you can withdraw from these at an ATM?!?!!?


13-10-2007 09:36:23

[quote1eeeef6588="jeagle82"]Wow, 4 offers for $1000??? Congrats! Where do I sign up? Any refs required?[/quote1eeeef6588]

Yes, it's 4 offers for $1,000. No, no referrals are required. Check the DIY forum.

tylerc Yes, you can use the Brandarama VISAs at the ATM