Anyone received an iPod Touch yet?

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10-10-2007 15:42:28

received mine D


11-10-2007 07:09:55

Still waiting.....


11-10-2007 07:12:03

I think JennyWren has...


11-10-2007 07:18:31

yeah, mine was ordered on 10/1 and still nothing. Apple is saying 7-10 to ship so hopefully by tomorrow. I am also hoping for a delay, like it shipped yesterday and Train won't get informed until today or something like that.


11-10-2007 07:38:15

Still waiting from Appleproducts.Git-R-Free. It gonna be shipped today!!! D Yayyyy


11-10-2007 09:46:41

I can not wait to get one. I have always wanted an iPhone but this seems like the cheaper alternative and is just as great.

I am really looking forward to working with the WiFi as well.

Lets see some reviews for it once you guys receive yours as I have yet to even order one. (Greens have been slow this week -( )


11-10-2007 10:32:53

it can only get internet access at Starbuck? Is that right?


11-10-2007 10:39:28

I thought it was any hotspot with internet access? Please tell me who is right haha.


11-10-2007 11:06:58

I'm just wondering if it is worth getting...


11-10-2007 11:42:15

any wifi hot spot is where you can use it. Starbucks is going to have a special iTunes hotspot. So when you are in Starbucks and you hear a song you like, you push the iTunes button on your iPod Touch, then you go to the Starbucks section and you can down load the song in real time as you are hearing it in the store. Plus it will have like the songs played in the last 24 hours. This is not a live feature yet so you just get normal wifi in starbucks. But you can get online anywhere there is a wifi hot spot.


15-10-2007 16:43:50

definetly getting one when they update the hard drives!


15-10-2007 19:04:19

right now they do not have hard drives like the classic iPods. They are flash memory which cost more right now. It is also what alows them to make it so thin. So if they make a high capicity hard rive for the Touch in the future is will be larger and heavier.