Recieved TWO $250 visa giftcards!!!

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02-10-2007 05:54:01

Thanks brandarama and yourtopbrands. Site took about 3 to 4 months start to finish to receive my giftcards. I got them yesterday. Went to an atm and withdrew $480 dolars leaving me with a balance of about 12 bucks left on my card. Took that money and spent it all on bills. I got about 5 bucks left over for me. hehehee...well these giftcards helped out alot, and i plan on doing more site. I have a $1000 gc and a PS3 coming soon. So can't wait for those, hopefully i can get them by christmas. ) D


02-10-2007 06:39:34

Congrats Man! Im awaiting my 1000 Visa from Yourtopbrands as well. Im going to use it to buy a 37" Samsung LCD )


02-10-2007 06:54:37

Congrats man... that's a nice little payout. It must be hard waiting 3-4 months for your payout from doing DIY sites... I've never done one, for that reason alone, probably. But there seem to be some very nice prizes... just delayed. Anyways, congrats man! )


02-10-2007 07:56:54

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02-10-2007 12:09:00



02-10-2007 16:57:27

Nice job, I've recently begun to really like Brandarama =]


03-10-2007 07:39:18

yeah...was very skeptical until i started to get all these free giftcards and plasmas, and checks in the mail! i love the freebie industry!!!! Worth the wait as long as i get them. hehehehe... good luck to you all!!


03-10-2007 09:52:06

congrats! D


04-10-2007 19:23:15

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