How To Credit Every Single Time GUARANTEED!

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29-09-2007 19:03:37

Hello everyone,

Many of you are familiar with my you tube video which has been up for almost 2 months and received over 2 thousand views and have helped alot of people. Do to the request of the MODS and the Administrator I have taken the youtube video down and deleted it from my signature.

If you'd still like to watch the video please PM me asking for the link. I will admit that the video is missing a couple of steps which I will be pointing out in this thread.

[b8553fdbc3c]Getting Started[/b8553fdbc3c][/color8553fdbc3c][/size8553fdbc3c]

When completing offers it is very important to know that Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0 is not recommended. If you have IE7 on your PC its very easy to downgrade back to IE6. If your using Firefox 2.0 you will need to uninstall it and install firefox 1.5. Unfortunately its almost imposible to find Firefox 1.5 meaning that IE6 will be your only option for completing offers.

[b8553fdbc3c]Checking Your Browser Version[/b8553fdbc3c][/color8553fdbc3c][/size8553fdbc3c]

To ckeck your browser verstion just follow the same steps for Internet Explorer or Firefox.

  1. [li8553fdbc3c]Click on Help
    [li8553fdbc3c]Click on About Internet Explorer/About Mozilla Firefox
    [/listo8553fdbc3c]http//[" alt=""/img8553fdbc3c]
    You should see a window that looks similar to this.
    [img="8553fdbc3c]http//[" alt=""/img8553fdbc3c]

    [size=188553fdbc3c][color=red8553fdbc3c][b8553fdbc3c]Security Settings[/b8553fdbc3c][/color8553fdbc3c][/size8553fdbc3c]

    After you've verified your browser type, you will now need to customize your settings. Changing these settings will not make your PC vulnerable to threats and its okay to leave these settings when not doing offers.

    [li8553fdbc3c]Click on [b8553fdbc3c]Tools[/b8553fdbc3c]
    [li8553fdbc3c]Click on Internet Options [img="8553fdbc3c]http//[" alt=""/img8553fdbc3c]
    [li8553fdbc3c]Click on the Security Tab
    [li8553fdbc3c]Slide the bar down to Medium or Low. Many browsers dont allow you to go beloow medium. [img="8553fdbc3c]http//[" alt=""/img8553fdbc3c]
    [li8553fdbc3c]Click on the Privacy tab
    [li8553fdbc3c]Slide bar all the way down to bottom (accept all cookies)
    [li8553fdbc3c]Leave the popup blocker box UNCHECKED
    [/listo8553fdbc3c][img="8553fdbc3c]http//[" alt=""/img8553fdbc3c]

    [size=188553fdbc3c][color=red8553fdbc3c][b8553fdbc3c]Clearing Cookies and Completing Offers[/b8553fdbc3c][/color8553fdbc3c][/size8553fdbc3c]

    It is very important to point out that you sould NEVER clear cookies while logged in on a site. IF you accidentaly clear cookies while loged in, Just log out then log back in.

    In order to clear cookies just click on [b8553fdbc3c]Tools[/b8553fdbc3c], then [b8553fdbc3c]Internet Options[/b8553fdbc3c]. then click on [b8553fdbc3c]Delete Cookies[/b8553fdbc3c].
    [img="8553fdbc3c]http//[" alt=""/img8553fdbc3c]
    Finally. There is a process that you ABSOLUTELY can't forget and you must do when completing offers on any site or you will not receive credit for your offers. Please follow the steps listed below.
    [li8553fdbc3c]Register on the site
    [li8553fdbc3c]Fine all offers you'd like to complete totaling the required credit amount but DONT complete a single offer.
    [li8553fdbc3c]Log out from the site
    [li8553fdbc3c]Clear cookies
    [li8553fdbc3c]Sign back in
    [li8553fdbc3c]Complete your FIRST offer
    [li8553fdbc3c]Wait on the confirmation or congratulations page for 2 or 3 minutes.
    [li8553fdbc3c]Repeat steps 3 through 7 for the remaining offers.

    [b8553fdbc3c][color=red8553fdbc3c]liNOTEli[/color8553fdbc3c][/b8553fdbc3c] If you accidentaly clear cookies while logged in, just log out then log back in NEVER clear cookies while logged in and complete an offer. It won't credit! Also when clicking on someone's affiliate link for the first time. Make sure you see "You are being referred by" followed by their affiliate #. Example below.
    [img="8553fdbc3c]http//[" alt=""/img8553fdbc3c]

    If you have any questions or comments about improving this thread. Please PM me or reply to this thread.


sandra habina

30-09-2007 10:32:28

First this is in wrong forum, also I would never guarantee credits - sometimes even if every steps is followed, the credit may not show up and also I would recommend waiting on the landing page for 5 minutes without wandering. May I ask, are you trading on another forum? Because I notice your TR is 0.