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01-09-2007 08:45:18

Just received my first prize from games.megafreebie.com. Tiger Woods 08 for the PS3.

This site is great. They had great communication and I received the game in the mail, literally 3 days after submitting for approval!

Thanks so much guys! )


01-09-2007 08:59:22

yep they rock!! I've gotten 3 wii games from them!



01-09-2007 12:52:50

Hey, thanks for the info about them manOFice. Never would have found them without your help! ;)

sandra habina

01-09-2007 14:25:35

Thanks for the info - never heard of them. Congrats on the games.


03-09-2007 12:49:30

Never heard of them either. Congrats


16-09-2007 15:25:19

damn that it is pretty fast, how is the game? i am thinking about getting it


17-09-2007 09:16:00

The game is very decent. I wasn't too impressed with the photo avatar thing they incorporated into 08, but the graphics are great as always, they added new playable characters and some new courses and I love the online enhancements.

Definitely worth getting as a freebie. D