VBUX Pays AGAIN $820.00. thanks VBUX!

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06-08-2007 11:01:53

I just got paid again from VBUX.

Their sites rock because they pay out fast (every friday) and you can do their sites over and over again once you go green the first time![/size79409522ad]

[b79409522ad]If you arent referring people to VBUX sites yet you really should add them to your portfolio.[/b79409522ad][/color79409522ad]

[b79409522ad]Send me a PM to get started today![/b79409522ad]

Here is Proof of Payment
http//www.instantpaypalcash.com/images/vbuxpayment8-6-07.jpg[" alt=""/img79409522ad]


06-08-2007 11:09:00

Congrat... Keep at the good work! ;)