Made $1,000 in 1 week! Would you like to know how?

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04-08-2007 12:57:08

Gotta love trainn! Just started getting into the freebie business a couple of weeks ago and it only took me 1 week to get everything needed to get my payouts from ps34free, wii4free, and videoipods! I love this network, great support, easy offers that credit very often, and the payouts are great too!!

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04-08-2007 13:44:18

Thats some skill my man.... honestly if you keep that pace up... ur set for the stars....

i dont care what a person's TR is.... TR means nothing... it ALL COMES DOWN to being able to do this in a week... keep it up my bruthaa


04-08-2007 19:30:31

Very Nice!

sandra habina

06-08-2007 02:16:27

Wow that is nice work - to get paid all that in one week. How long did it take to work the sites and how did you find that many referrals for free - not having to pay them anything - all of it profit? That is great - share your secrets.


06-08-2007 07:26:21

Nice payouts. Congratulations..

sandra habina

08-08-2007 01:53:29

Iz - thankyou so much for your helpful information. This trader knows his stuff and is very honest and sincere. CONGRATULATIONS


08-08-2007 13:27:02

congrats man! hope you raise your TR!


08-08-2007 14:22:08

Congrat!!! Dun we all love Trainn?! )


08-08-2007 15:18:13

So did you make that w/o paying for referrals? Or do we divide that by 2? 8)


08-08-2007 16:59:46

[quote82eaea6d1c="psbread"]So did you make that w/o paying for referrals? Or do we divide that by 2? 8)[/quote82eaea6d1c]

Didn't have to pay a penny for referrals )

Sent you a PM regarding the method though... 8)


09-08-2007 09:34:55 liGlitter Graphicsli


10-08-2007 23:57:04

Thanks for the input D

Here's a new small cashout I just got today, I will have much larger cashout pictures to show you very soon, but for now here's this one, since I got INSTANTLY approved D , only took a few hours to get paid after I placed my order!

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