************2 TV's!!!!!!! Thanks Ideal************

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02-08-2007 23:12:41

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So this is fourth gift from Ideal and I gotta admit that they're are one of the best companies out there D .

The first site my girlfriend did, Consumersavingcenter.
Started April 9, 2007
Processed June 5, 2007
Received July 17, 2007

The second site was done by myself, Shopperssavingcenter
Started April 30, 2007
Processed July 10, 2007
Received August 2, 2007

They were both Phillips 42PFL7432D/37

I'm keeping the first one and im going to sell the second one, they are great tvs )

Thanks to all that helped, Killer722, Bruman, manofice and everyone else I forgot to mention.


03-08-2007 00:42:49

awesome!!!!! congrats!!!