ZipNadaZilch pays SUPER quick!!

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02-08-2007 20:56:22

Approved and paid in under 10 minutes! shock Thanks ZNZ!!

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03-08-2007 10:37:24

Serious??? That quick? Congrat on ur nice work! )

sandra habina

03-08-2007 16:19:28

Wow that is great. I never heard of that network. I had to check the receipt to see who the site was. LOL
Congratulations dear.


05-08-2007 10:43:37

Awesome! I am so glad to hear that, as just signed up with them! Hope to hear more positive feedback as well, since many others will be looking to see how they run far so good wink


Margot D


06-08-2007 16:07:22

Keep up the good work )


06-08-2007 18:18:10

Thanks guys! I just got another one! Approved/paid within the hour!! This is a wonderful network so far!
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06-08-2007 18:22:26

Geeeez, wish my accounts with approve that fast!

Nice work! D