Wish4free is the BOMB !!!

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30-07-2007 16:08:36

Hi all D

This is my first try at the Wish4free network, and man am I glad I gave it a shot! I placed my order, but had a bit of a mix up with the custom feature. Got ahold of support on AIM, and it was immediately taken care of. Placed the order while still on AIM, and BOOM !!! PAID !!!! stun Took less then a minute, now who does that? I literally fell off my chair! LOL With all that is going on now, having a site that works like this is above and beyond anything we could hope for, and I will be working W4F for as long as they keep up this kind of service...I suggest you get on the bandwagon here, and take advantage of getting your money like you should! Keep up the great work W4F! 8)

Margot D D

I changed the ID for my protection.


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Customer Service URL http//wish4free.com
Customer Service email= email=admin@wish4free.comadmin@wish4free.com email=admin@wish4free.comadmin@wish4free.com/email
Customer Service Phone 954-980-6096


Total Amount
$120.00 USD
Fee Amount
-$3.78 USD
Net Amount
$116.22 USD


Jul. 29, 2007
211104 PDT


Wish4Free Order#88
Thank you for being a member of The Wish4Free Network. We hope you enjoy your prize and don't forget you can cash out over and over. Also make sure to post proof payments on our forum or any other forum your regitser on.

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sandra habina

30-07-2007 16:18:32

Congratulations Margot, and thanks for giving us the information about the network and their support and super fast payouts. It is good to hear that some sites are still working this way.
I will give them another try now after hearing your praise.


31-07-2007 08:27:43

[quote7d84af80cd="sandra habina"]Congratulations Margot, and thanks for giving us the information about the network and their support and super fast payouts. It is good to hear that some sites are still working this way.
I will give them another try now after hearing your praise.[/quote7d84af80cd]

That's great to hear Sandy! I know you wont regret it, and with your ability to get traders, well, I'm so jealous, as you will make a lot of money from [b7d84af80cd]Wish4free[/b7d84af80cd]!!! Enjoy D

Oh, and one other thing that will keep any one happy about W4F. When using the custom order for paypal, if a referral goes red, it doesn't put your account on hold, the amount simply gets subtracted from your total. You still get paid, just not as much. A lot better then having to get another referral!



31-07-2007 09:12:53

Nice job Margot..... I think I need to get on this Network too! The sites are repeatable, correct?

Margot.... I'm going to check out the offers (in hopes I can do some of them) and get back to you! I will get you a green IF I can find a way to go green on one of the W4F sites!


31-07-2007 09:33:10

congrats margot, they are very quick.

lol @ that surprised smiley...


31-07-2007 11:19:12

Congrats Margot!! Guess what?? ME TOO!!! Within the hour!!


31-07-2007 12:08:58

Thanks so much everyone!

That stunned look is just what happened to me! Didn't need surgery to get my eyes back in my head, but did get a nice little bruise on me bum from the fall! LMAO

Any time kraf, you know I'd be more then happy to hook you up, and yes, they are repeatable!

Congrats Sheila, aren't they amazing??? I love love love this network!!!

[b119427dc04]YOU GO WISH4FREE!!![/color119427dc04][/b119427dc04][/size119427dc04]

Margot lol 8) lol D [/size119427dc04]


31-07-2007 12:17:24

YEah!! They are great. I love the wish4free sites and aim support is just by far the best!


01-08-2007 04:57:14

Congrats Margot!! D


01-08-2007 09:33:36

Congrats!! Enjoy the profit!


01-08-2007 18:21:15

Yea i can not wait to get my payout from wish4free. I have talked to the owner a few times and he sounds great. Great job on your payout.


01-08-2007 22:08:38

[b0f75362b98]Thanks so much everyone, and if you know what making money is all about, and are wanting to get paid quickly for your efforts...go for [u0f75362b98]Wish4free!!!![/u0f75362b98]

I know I wont be changing my strategy anytime soon!!!

Good luck all! D D D

Margot 8) [/b0f75362b98][/color0f75362b98][/size0f75362b98]


02-08-2007 07:51:40

I need to do their site!