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28-07-2007 12:36:29

I made


I widthrew $500 and spent a$200 online D so I made over $3,000 and I stopped for a month due to summer classesare you the same person using this screen name/handle from the other forum? or are you new to this business?

I was a newbie, and started off, within 30days I made it D 119 TR!!!!!!

I never had time to brag D coz i was too busy collecting money from ZPTS and OGFs and I even won ZPTs promotion contest $480!!!!!

ill be glad to help newbies be pro within 30days D

Here are the detailed informations from my prizes til now

$300 yourfreevideoipods
$480 360elite4free
$120 paypal.wish4free
$200 gadgets.wish4free
$120 tech.hotgifts4you
$600 cash.zeropricetags
$600 coke.ordergiftsfree
$600 aznfreestuff
$600 zeropricetags
$520 cash.zeropricetags
$160 gifts.zeropricetags
$360 ps3.ordergiftsfree
$200 coke.ordergiftsfree
$400 zeropricetags contest (winner 2nd place)
$560 ps3.ordergiftsfree
$640 zeropricetags
$600 cash.zeropricetags
$200 100.anydollardeal
$480 gifts.zeropricetags
$400 zeropricetags
$600 zeropricetags
$480 cash.zeropricetags
$1000 Visa GC from Brandrama
$600 Amex GC from Brandrama
$1200 Samsung 42" inch Plasma TV from I-Deal

I can help you get started and make $80 within half hour!


28-07-2007 13:47:12

Very Impressive 8)

sandra habina

28-07-2007 16:29:21

Yes good work. I am glad I was able to help you on one if your first sites you worked. It is a pleasant experience to help out others. I hope you continue to do it also.


29-07-2007 09:37:41

thanks D


18-01-2008 14:29:26

updated )


29-03-2008 18:49:07

im new can someone help me get some tr


29-03-2008 22:17:48

[quote667d91e82d="say_what"]im new can someone help me get some tr[/quote667d91e82d]

licoughli reflinks licoughli

how are you new but have all those sites?

That's miraculous.


30-03-2008 19:35:56



30-03-2008 21:09:40

how in the world you found this thread...

Where's my image congrats babetran? (