My biggest freebie!

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24-07-2007 20:56:30

Spent my freebie money....

I just had my first eBay adventure - bidding and winning an auction for a Trek 1000 road bike. Am I crazy? Hear me out...

So, I've been looking into getting a new bike for several months now. Since I first tried my bf's Cannondale I've not gone back to my mountain bike as the roadie is just so much faster. Unfortunately, it's also ginormous. I started looking for a used bike on Craigslist but after a few months of checking Every. Single. Day. I determined that everyone in Vancouver is sniffing glue before posting things for sale on Craigslist (apparently all the bikes I bought for $10 at garage sales as a kid are now "Vintage Classics" worth $500 - gimme a break, no one's paying that for 3 gears and 50lbs). Besides, there was usually 1 road bike for every 40 mountain bikes, and those that WERE for sale were either $2500 beauties or $300 "awesome Italian steel framed racer!!!!1!!!1!111!" (see aforementioned "Vintage Classics").

Eventually decided to cave and buy new, so I started looking around. Despite Vancouver's many bike shops there wasn't much in the way of road bikes. Finally got around to trying out something in my price range, a black 54cm Trek 1000 down at BSP bikes. In the meantime, I'd been checking their website and had fallen in love with the "Flare Duotone" paint job. So now I knew the bike I wanted, and the colour. Started calling. NO-ONE had ANY. I tried every store in Van, Vic, Whistler, Squamish, Mission, etc. None. Apparently Trek is sold out for the season. When do they get new ones? MARCH! grrrrRRrrrRRR This is totally ridiculous, how can they be out of their best selling model a third of the way through the year?

Soooo....eBay. There were a few Trek 1000s on eBay. One was the "Flare Duotone" (it's orange, for goodness sakes, just call it ShinyPrettyOrange like I do) and 54cm. Of course, it's in Illinois. Well, I'm dumb, and I really wanted the stupid thing, so I bid and won.

It arrived today, no problems with UPS shipping, and I am soooooo in love!

Perfect condition, took it for a ride. Best freebie ever!

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24-07-2007 22:31:53

That's a nice bike - and a cool use of the money.

Captain All That

25-07-2007 23:33:01

Treks are the cadillacs of mountain bikes... I've never ridden a roadie before... but if she's hot...

sandra habina

26-07-2007 00:37:07

Wow nice bike and pretty shiny orange too. Congrats dear.


26-07-2007 08:24:26

Wow, congrats! Very nice bike. How much did it cost you, if you don't mind me asking.


26-07-2007 08:31:46

sweet ride


26-07-2007 10:15:40

its nice, but you always have to arch your back all the time. doesnt that get uncomfortable after a while?


26-07-2007 13:36:59



09-08-2007 09:51:14