$1560 this week from VBUX! This site ROCKS!!

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21-07-2007 17:44:21

VBUX has paid me $1560 this week for referrals.

All my referrals greened pretty easy and I got paid really fast!

They have announced that next week (7/23 or so) they will start paying out faster than once a week and now you can repeat the sites once you get a prize!

This site truly rocks!

If you are not part of it yet, send me a PM to get started![/size0f6474d91f]

here is proof of payment

http//www.instantpaypalcash.com/images/vbuxpayment1.jpg[" alt=""/img0f6474d91f]


[img="0f6474d91f]http//www.instantpaypalcash.com/images/vbuxpayment2.jpg[" alt=""/img0f6474d91f]


21-07-2007 17:49:08

WOW!!!!!! D


21-07-2007 17:54:42

nice, where did you get all those referrals...