hurray for gift monster

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miss edie

18-07-2007 15:31:43

my bitter sweet moment ...i love"the bounty hunter"
i wanted a pair of his sunglasses"oakly thump"
but this happened and GIFTMONSTER support was really nice about it
my order had been in since 6/19/07
GiftMonster Help (93551 AM) Have you still not gotten those glasses?
MZZZEDIE (93601 AM) no hon
GiftMonster Help (93623 AM) Oh wow, I'll ask my orders guy about it when he comes on
GiftMonster Help (32821 PM) Hello, for whatever reason your order was cancelled by the vendor. If you would like, we could paypal you $300 right now
MZZZEDIE (32847 PM) oohh ok thank you very much
MZZZEDIE (32908 PM) missedie@
GiftMonster Help (32952 PM) Thanks, you should be paid shortly, sorry about that
MZZZEDIE (33104 PM) oohh i can live without "the bounty hunter" glass lol
MZZZEDIE (33124 PM)Cool
GiftMonster Help (33132 PM) Cool
GiftMonster Help (33154 PM) Alright payment should be sent
MZZZEDIE (33346 PM) payment received thank you guys
GiftMonster Help (33410 PM) Excellent, no problem and sorry again

i received payment
thank you GIFTMONSTER Cool
http//[" alt=""/imged5ad83821]


19-07-2007 18:09:02

They have awesome customer support.
Congrats! D

miss edie

21-07-2007 09:27:21

thank you,TWON
i think so
every time i have talked to them they
have been great.......


21-07-2007 10:14:31

BTW, my wife got me a pair of thumps for Christmas this year. They are camo in colour. I wear them skiing and mountain biking. I look bad ass in them. lol

sandra habina

21-07-2007 10:50:59

Congrats - the money is nice too.


21-07-2007 11:41:27

[b7d6421a04f]MISS EDIE!!!!

Great job on cashing out[/color7d6421a04f][/b7d6421a04f] wink