Got my iPod From....FreePay

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16-07-2007 23:46:19

Before you ask why I did this, it was because I got all my referrals virtually free, so this iPod only costs like $10 - $20. I am still debated on rather to sell this on eBay, or return it to Amazon and get a gift certificate (and possibly sell that lol )

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16-07-2007 23:49:10

30GB seems small to me now. I might liquidate that, but then I still only have an iPod Photo.


17-07-2007 00:47:50

how did you virtually get your referrals????


17-07-2007 01:02:01

There's a low ref requirement for an iPod. A link on your MySpace or website can bring in enough refs in a month or so. At least it used to. )


17-07-2007 01:18:34

^ That would be 100% correct.

liliEditlili Tip Donate and get a front page link to here, it works very well if you're looking to get a cheap iPod, even if it does take 4 months.