AllFreebieWorld Pays out AGAIN!

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16-07-2007 07:25:37

Hey guys,

I received yet ANOTHER $400 from AllFreebieWorld. They are very quick with their payments. Usually pay out within 1-2 days of submitting for approval!

They even have a new promotion going on that sees how many referrals you can get between July 14th and July 31st. They give cash prizes! Pretty cool. I really love this site!

Thanks again to all my referrals and thanks to Justin at AllFreebieWorld! D


16-07-2007 08:43:59

That's cool! I am starting to push allfreebieworld myself....


16-07-2007 08:56:39

Yeah, they're definitely one of the better sites that I've used!


16-07-2007 11:19:03

good job guys

GetStuff4Free Admin

16-08-2007 20:38:07

Congratulations )

I know instant payout rocks, thats what we do )


18-08-2007 14:17:29

Conrats! You said 1-2 days for payment? They have been on the slower end for me, even after getting my hopes up that I won the promotion, by just stating Stacey was second. Oh- well hopefully payment will be before the 10 days that the site states!