Custom-ordered Wii games from MJRewardz!

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13-07-2007 18:04:31

Just received the three Wii games I custom ordered on Finished this site with $0 cost to me - signed up with the free green promo, got all my refs through my website, and got a bonus for an MJRewardz contest in which I featured the little guy who is enjoying the cardboard box in the picture below. Thanks MJRewardz!

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13-07-2007 18:34:35

Cute cat lol


14-07-2007 14:59:18

Gifts for you and the cat!!! Awesome


17-07-2007 11:35:39

"wii you like to play"


17-07-2007 11:38:11

Have fun with Mario Party 8, I love it!


17-07-2007 11:40:51

Congrats man! I had bought Mario Party 8, but then returned it cuz I heard negative things about it. Hope it's not the case! By the way, what site did you post your links on that got you all your greens?