Addiction4Everyone PAYS!!! Just got this!!! WOWOwHOhOHoOOeEY

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29-06-2007 15:58:42

This is the first payout from addiction4everyone!!!!!!!!!
This site has Very Good support. I was very happy to work the site!
I am looking forward to doing it again....And also the other 2 addiction sites (womens & outdoor) as well! Still need a few refs on those if anyone wants in send me a pm. THANK YOU A4E!!!

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29-06-2007 16:00:34

Congrats!! D


29-06-2007 19:52:15

congrats very nice 8)

sandra habina

29-06-2007 23:33:21

Congratulations - Never heard of this site. How do you find these new ones? Nice job dear.