GivAFree appreciation thread!! [Wii!!]

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22-06-2007 08:07:41

[New gift] Hey again,

Just editing this to show that I've gotten my free Wii from GivAFree!!

The whole process was great!! Carl was AMAZING with customer service. I had a ref who didn't go green right away, and he did everything in his power to get it straightened out, and in a timely manner. There is absolutely NOTHING negative I can say about GivAFree!! From their ridiculously low referral requirements and one-offer/one-credit policy, to the phenomenal live support everything is great at GivAFree.

There was even a shipping hiccup with Purolator, but Carl kept in touch with me throughout the whole situation, and let me know what was going on.

Seriosuly, 10/10 for GivAFree from me. I honestly can't think of anything bad to say about them. Thanks Carl!! I can't wait to do more GivAFree sites!!

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Also, (bad) YouTube proof video HERE[=http//]HERE

[First gift] Hey there,

Thought I'd be one of the few adventurous people to actually get a physical gift D Approved and received within 3 days!! And now with that all their sites are 1 offer sites, GivAFree should start kicking a little bum!!

Thanks GivAFree!!

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22-06-2007 12:06:36

Great job, congrats on your free shuffle!!!


22-06-2007 13:20:22

Carl rox!! Congrats


22-06-2007 15:11:49

Thank Manofice! and congrat for your nice shuffle!

I appreciate all the nice comments from you! And I will continue working hard on my site to improve it!


22-06-2007 19:59:03

its always nice to see people take the physical object...

way to go... enjoy!


23-06-2007 16:04:05

[quote8aabf41581="chrome89k"]its always nice to see people take the physical object...

way to go... enjoy![/quote8aabf41581]

Yes, and I like to send physical gift more then paypal.

That's the real meaning of the entire industry. Free gifts!


24-06-2007 08:49:26



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28-06-2007 20:23:16

nice gift my man, im always bout dinero though


13-10-2007 11:43:16

BUMP!!! Frankie got a WIIIIII!!!!


14-10-2007 10:50:29

Congratulations! It's awesome to see all of your goodies!


14-10-2007 11:15:12

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