$800, $1440 and now $700 from V-Bux: (All in 3 weeks)

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12-06-2007 10:30:43

Another payout of $700 from V-Bux. This is my third payout in 3 weeks. The first was on May 15 for $800, the 2nd was for $1440 on May 21. This is the only site that has been very easy to do, paying a lot for the effort, and that's why I keep sticking with it. V-Bux is just easy to do, don't listen to anyone telling you differently. My success rate that week (May 15-21) was over 95%. Let me take this opportunity to thank V-Bux Jon because I couldn't have done this without your professional support. Not only did I make $2240 within a week, and still expecting more, I have admiration on how I was assisted in achieving that. It was the V-Bux support that made it possible. When I had crediting issues, I contacted the support and their issues were promptly resolved. When some of my referrals made mistakes using shared IPs, V-Bux resolved that and never disqualified a single person who responded with explaination. What I like most is that the person who is the CEO/President is the one who is hands on, and I am referring to V-Bux Jon. Many sites will delegate others to resolving issues, it's like a relay race, not V-Bux, because you go straight to the top to finding answers and resolution.

Thank You, V-Bux, I admire your great work. This time around all greens went smoothly. It was a 100% success, and I am not making this up. I seem to be getting better with each trade. To my referrals, you made this all possible, I want to thank you too! Last but not least, how can I forget FIPG for making it possible for us to make these trades possible, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you too.

Attached is my proof!

1. [uef3b883f29][bef3b883f29]$700 Dell.V-Bux[/bef3b883f29][/uef3b883f29]
http/" alt=""/img166.imageshack.us/img="166/5894/dellvbux700fa0.jpg[" alt=""/imgef3b883f29]

2. [bef3b883f29][uef3b883f29]$1440 Bose.V-Bux[/uef3b883f29][/bef3b883f29]
[img="ef3b883f29]http/" alt=""/img522.imageshack.us/img="522/9279/dicuzbosepaymentsn6.jpg[" alt=""/imgef3b883f29]

3. [uef3b883f29][bef3b883f29]$800 Sony.V-Bux[/bef3b883f29][/uef3b883f29]
[img="ef3b883f29]http/" alt=""/img510.imageshack.us/img="510/2223/dicuzvbuxpaymentnh1.jpg[" alt=""/imgef3b883f29]



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Great job! Nice looking screenshots!


12-06-2007 13:27:01

Thanks to you, ASharpEdge for assisting me in posting those beautiful screenshots. I sent you a well-deserved Karma)


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Wow, never seen anyone get that much from them! dance

I always hear troubles and no help..


12-06-2007 22:32:09

Patrick, I wish you can access A4F and see how angry I (Dicuz on A4F) used to be at the beginning of my referral trade. I was new and didn't know any better till I was approached by V-Bux Jon. He was very helpful and bent himself backwards to resolve issues in his site. I honestly never saw any CEO/President getting that hands-on. People like to spread news, reminds me of college years how some student would advise you not to take a certain professor for a course because he is hard and you defy all that and take him or her only to find that all you have to do is just do your work and you pass easily (lol). I have done other sites, but V-Bux is the easiest and pay far more than other sites. I feel like I have earned an additional salary this month. Do the site, be in contact with V-Bux and make sure to advise your referrals to follow the guidelines to easy credits, you'll see it work.


13-06-2007 02:09:20

I pretty much did all that, maybe they have changed since I started doing them =/

I'll get some second opinions and possibly try again..

P.S....why couldn't I access A4F?? Unless it was in PMs or something =/