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11-06-2007 09:48:38

Just got paid again from Cash Lagoon!

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11-06-2007 09:59:04

What you have to do for 5 bucks?


11-06-2007 11:25:52

Congrats! It all adds up D


11-06-2007 14:45:19

lol. congrats!


12-06-2007 10:48:16

[quote22dfd84375="O4F-Manofice"]What you have to do for 5 bucks?[/quote22dfd84375]
You complete easy offers, many free!! This payout however was by my referals , I didnt do a thing!! YOu get a % of people under you and their people under them! They are VERY quick with crediting and payout!!
You can cash out with as little as 2 bucks!!
ALSO, when you cash out they send you an offer to post in their forum and another one like this one and they credit you 6 bucks they say it is a one time offer but I have gotten the 6 bucks everytime!! Guess it hewlps them advertise!!
PM if you want a link!!!!
Thanks and BTW this is Tyree , Carys wife This is MY baby!!