I'am loving It !!!!

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05-06-2007 15:05:21

I really love this site and what it has done for so many traders I have meet,, I can not tell people that I am making money on the internet,, and I have been trying to make anything I could online for years,, and spending more money then you could shake a stick at,,, and making nothing,,,,

Thanks,, I love it ..... !!!!


05-06-2007 15:06:50

Glad you like it here )


05-06-2007 16:26:55

Glad you finally found something you can make something from, and I wish you the best of luck on making as much money as you possibly can!

cheer cheer


05-06-2007 16:39:43

i agree with you compltely... i feel the same way


05-06-2007 16:41:42

I agree. After all the scams you go through to find a real money maker on the interent. It was probably right under our noses the whole time. roll


05-06-2007 18:15:59


sandra habina

06-06-2007 00:14:46

CONGRATS CHRISTOPHER, I am so very happy for you dear. I TOLD YOU THIS WAS FUN!!!!