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05-06-2007 06:40:57

I have get paid from AznFreebies Network,thanks

AznFreebies Network just sent you money with PayPal.

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Amount $200.00 USD

Transaction ID 0L558543DU716974B

Subject Congratulation

Note Greetings,

We would like to thank you for your recent AznFreebies Network order and thought you would like to know that your $200 PayPal has been sent!

If you have selected a tangible item or check, your gift is enroute to the address you provided when ordering. Most orders arrive within 5 days of being shipped. If a tracking number becomes available for your order, it will be listed on your order status page.

If you have ordered a PayPal reward, your payment is now available in your PayPal account.

Once your gift has arrived, we would love for you to provide a proof picture showing your well deserved reward or testimonial describing your experience and will be glad to post it on our company site! Simply email= your testimonial or pictures to your testimonial or pictures to and your submission will be added during the next update!

We thank you again for participating on AznFreebies Network and encourage you to try out our other sites (complete list is available at the link below) to earn additional free gifts!

AznFreebies Network

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sandra habina

06-06-2007 00:16:11

Congratulations on the great job.


06-06-2007 12:55:45