WOW...I never would have thought!!!

Live forum:


04-06-2007 17:22:13

[b0d1b10b3e1]Joined FIPG on April 18th...and as of today my TR is 67+...[/color0d1b10b3e1]and I've been able to complete the following sites[/b0d1b10b3e1][/size0d1b10b3e1]

[b0d1b10b3e1]ZeroPricetags - $400[/color0d1b10b3e1]...PAID[/color0d1b10b3e1] lol
DVDRecorders4Free - $400[/color0d1b10b3e1]...APPROVED[/color0d1b10b3e1] lol
PrimoDinero.Blu-Ray - $500[/color0d1b10b3e1]...APPROVED FOR 6/20[/color0d1b10b3e1] lol
Cash.ZeroPricetags - $240[/color0d1b10b3e1]...PAID[/color0d1b10b3e1] lol
AllForOne.YourGiftsFree - $300[/color0d1b10b3e1]...PAID[/color0d1b10b3e1] lol
LCDs.Free4Me - $250[/color0d1b10b3e1]...PAID[/color0d1b10b3e1] lol
YourFreeVideoIpods - $300[/color0d1b10b3e1]...PAID[/color0d1b10b3e1] lol
IpodMonster - $250 (denied for an IP address issue, but would have received it[/color0d1b10b3e1])[/b0d1b10b3e1][/size0d1b10b3e1] cry
[b0d1b10b3e1]Thanks alot to everyone that has been helpful along the way!! This is a great forum!! ... 8) [/b0d1b10b3e1][/size0d1b10b3e1][/color0d1b10b3e1]


05-06-2007 04:03:07

Sorry about the mistaken lock. My mistake.


05-06-2007 05:05:30

No prob... 8)

I guess...I went a little overboard! GMario, thanks for the heads up!!! ... 8)


05-06-2007 05:27:11

That's hardcore, nice work.


05-06-2007 06:25:04

Great job. Congrats on all of your payouts.!!!


06-06-2007 01:43:04

this guy's a liar... look at the claimed feedback vs. real feedback!

p.s. hollar back at yo boi in NY! lol... congrats.


06-06-2007 04:39:52

Can't figure out if that's a compliment or a dis, but for the feedback has been nothing but positive.

Thanks for your two cents!! wink


06-06-2007 12:53:15

you've been putting in some work. congrats


07-06-2007 09:55:16

[quotecfd4e426b9="Taurus-Matt"]Can't figure out if that's a compliment or a dis, but for the feedback has been nothing but positive.

Thanks for your two cents!! wink[/quotecfd4e426b9]

you had feedback discrepancy in ur post vs. ur profile... nvm.


07-06-2007 10:53:47



07-06-2007 11:32:21


You should be careful throwing the word "[b4ccf3f9a51]liar[/b4ccf3f9a51]"[/size4ccf3f9a51] around in someone's post that is being read by a ton of other traders. It could have a negative impact on them. Especially when it's [b4ccf3f9a51]NOT TRUE[/b4ccf3f9a51][/color4ccf3f9a51]!!

I'm still not sure what I supposedly "lied" about? What is the discrepancy you are referring to in my feedback?

Anyway...keep it positive! ... 8)


07-06-2007 12:48:50

damn this guy's THICKHEADED... ok, you, in your 1st post, the one made BEFORE (Wed Jun 06, 2007 1243 am) you remarket that your TR was ~65... when in reality (meaning your account) it was at ~67TR, thus the discrepancy, GET IT?

p.s. and ur 31? it must be all the fumes in new jeizeeee... aight baby boi? youz gots to chill kid, i got nothin but much-love for ya... peace!!!

http/" alt=""/[/img40f74629da]


07-06-2007 14:14:43

[b8e449d12a2]Listen...this will be my last response to it's not worth my time!! I'd be a punk, though, if I didn't respond to being called a liar for the second time now. Once for under reporting my TR...which was accurate when I posted the first time (it only went up after two trades were credited). And now a second time for my [u8e449d12a2]AllForOne.YourGiftsFree[/color8e449d12a2] [/u8e449d12a2]info.

My payment pic is posted below. And can do [u8e449d12a2]AFO.YGF[/u8e449d12a2][/color8e449d12a2] more than once!! Check with the site[/color8e449d12a2]... ? [/b8e449d12a2][/size8e449d12a2]

[b8e449d12a2]Good luck to you on the forum!! ... 8) [/b8e449d12a2][/size8e449d12a2]

http/" alt=""/"129/4527/image001zd7.png[" alt=""/img8e449d12a2]


07-06-2007 18:43:16



07-06-2007 19:12:07

very nice 8)


07-06-2007 20:05:19

Congrats. You sure work hard for your greens.