$125 from GiftMonkey

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04-06-2007 13:50:17

Last time I'm ever doing GiftMonkey. Only reason I did it this 3rd time was because I had an extra point...I should have left it. I ended up actually payout out $180 or so for this $125 due to the amount of frauding..

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04-06-2007 14:29:43

That's terrible. I hope I have better luck when I finally get my last 5 points.


04-06-2007 21:27:06

Awww man.. that's not right.. thank goodness you got something to compensate.

sandra habina

06-06-2007 00:21:32

wow So sorry to hear that. Dog gone frauders, stink. GOOD LUCK DEAR.


06-06-2007 12:55:15

well nice persistence