I got $599 from 2DollarDeal! First and best experience ever!

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02-06-2007 16:27:16

So, I got my last green from my final (12th) ref and submitted my account. Well, ONLY HOURS LATER, I received and email stating I had received $599 from 2DollarDeal.com... ONLY HOURS LATER!!!! I was under the impression it would be a couple of weeks, at least, until I received the PayPal. Fastest payment EVER! The crediting got a little iffy from time to time, but hell, considering how fast she paid me, I can't complain... I'm actually gonna start another DollarDeals site very soon.

Thanks again DD!

http//i135.photobucket.com/albums/q144/mistertomlinson/2DD.jpg[" alt=""/img0ba2e1ae08]


02-06-2007 17:13:00

Congrats buddy )


02-06-2007 17:31:56

Congrats on your payout D


04-06-2007 04:26:11

Also let me know what DD site your going to do. I may sign up for it )


04-06-2007 05:11:36

Excellent work, and nice to see you are keeping that PayPal account clean with $0 balance ;)


04-06-2007 19:51:47