ZPT pays

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29-05-2007 22:21:36

but of course!!! 640$ very fast. thanks!!! i can go to sevilla now wink


29-05-2007 22:22:07

btw, all in all, i have made 11000$ of freebies, pure profit. in 5 months....not bad D


29-05-2007 22:23:15

Sweet! ... I wish I knew the secret to that ;) Congrats, though; I'm sure it will be nice for your trip )

sandra habina

30-05-2007 00:19:57

Me too!!!! Boy you sure must have alot of no cc credits Condra.

Congrats. Have a great trip.


30-05-2007 08:31:30

congratssss on the $640 condra!