First prize!!! and now 2nd!!!

Live forum:


29-05-2007 20:03:21

I got my first prize of $100 from cash.customerorderthis on 5/29
2nd one is from media.hotgifts for $120 on 6/11!!!

How do i show proof??


29-05-2007 20:27:01

Congrats. The first one is so sweet!!! D


29-05-2007 20:54:38

Man....does anyone get actual items from this nowadays?


30-05-2007 07:00:34

[quote8c4d363481="ILoveToys"]Man....does anyone get actual items from this nowadays?[/quote8c4d363481]

I plan to! I just need to snowball PayPal prizes so I'll have enough to buy the greens without using my own money, and keep it truly "free".


30-05-2007 08:29:24

woo hoo! Congrats! COT rocks!