OGF comes through again!

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20-05-2007 11:39:20

Hi all!

I just can't say enough about the OGF network....was approved and paid withing 2 hours! Was to get 200.00 but had a referral go red (was paid back immediately) and got another 160.00 from them!!! May not be a big pay out, but all of them just keep adding up!

I love that site!!!!

Margot D


20-05-2007 11:55:08

Every little thing helps ;)


20-05-2007 13:50:49

Congrats Margot!! You deserve it.. D


20-05-2007 14:08:22

Congrats on the $160. Pm me with their best paying out site that you like!


20-05-2007 14:41:55

Congrats Margot!!


20-05-2007 14:59:47

[quotea998ae3ce9="makingdeals209"]Congrats on the $160. Pm me with their best paying out site that you like![/quotea998ae3ce9]

Thanks everyone! I will tell you makingdeals, that I love them all, but I'll pm you with the ones that are the most popular!

Margot wink

sandra habina

20-05-2007 16:04:05

Congrats Margot - that is awesome. Thankyou for turning me onto those sites - they are great. Good support and fast pays.


20-05-2007 16:36:26

Great that you got your ref payment back. Congrats on the payout.


20-05-2007 20:25:37

Congrats Margot!! 8)


21-05-2007 06:55:42

Thanks again all...yes I was lucky with regards to the referral paying me back so quickly!!!

And your so welcome Sandy! Hope more people jump on the band wagon, this site is the best!

Margot D


21-05-2007 08:51:22

congrats! I have started doing this site!


22-05-2007 07:05:29

[quote7c0190daef="dossiej"]congrats! I have started doing this site![/quote7c0190daef]

That's great, you will shortly find out what an awesome network they are!

Margot wink


22-05-2007 07:12:48

congrats D


22-05-2007 08:54:28


Good for you Margot!!


23-05-2007 20:45:54

YOU GO GIRLFRIEND CONGRATS!!! that is great i just wish i could get to doing that site,,i need a green ..hugs terry cheer