$100 from MyCashPrizes.com (plus more coming!!)

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12-05-2007 23:06:54

I just joined FIPG today. I got paid [bec6a59f588]$100[/bec6a59f588][/colorec6a59f588] from www.MyCashPrizes.com[=http//www.MyCashPrizes.com]www.MyCashPrizes.com during there regular weekly payout back on May 1st. This is a great site. I got paid from them the [bec6a59f588]day after[/bec6a59f588] I submitted my order.
Also, I will be recieving another [bec6a59f588]$250[/bec6a59f588][/colorec6a59f588] from them on May 16th!!!

http//i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa233/CSSplaya/paypal2-1.jpg[" alt=""/imgec6a59f588]

sandra habina

12-05-2007 23:40:54

Congrats on the nice job.


13-05-2007 07:38:22

Nice job... Congrats


13-05-2007 07:45:19

[b8fd651319d]Tight! Keep it up! Make sure to get your tr's from other trades! It helps your business! Im sure others agree![/b8fd651319d] wink


13-05-2007 11:25:49

Awesome job, although I've never ever heard of this network.