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08-05-2007 20:53:50

I got a thing in the mail from a while back. It told me I got a free $100 to start with, but I could only withdrawl if I got it over $1500. Well, about 20 bets, and 2 months later, my $1619.72 check arrived! Cost me a little time, but was the easiest money I've ever received.


08-05-2007 21:01:13

Did you have to do anything to get that promotion?


08-05-2007 21:09:23

There was a code in the mail I received from them.


08-05-2007 21:16:34

Do you still have the code to share w/ others?


09-05-2007 12:20:16

congrats! I want in!


09-05-2007 12:32:04

wow, free money.

I doubt the code will work, but who knows.


09-05-2007 14:17:21

Free money, how fun!!!!


09-05-2007 14:33:52

Wow, that's impressive. If you have any more codes or whatever from them, send them my way )


09-05-2007 21:10:19

I threw it away. But I know they did give different codes to everyone, because my buddy got the same thing. Weird thing is I already had it in the garbage before even read it, and I didn't realize it was $100 to start with, then he said something about it. So thankfully I got it back.


17-05-2007 22:19:24

Awesome job! This business is great!