Whew! I really had to work for this one!!

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06-05-2007 11:19:55

Finally got paid $160 from four.ag4free!! This was the first site I started back in Feb. I thought since it only required 4 refs, I would use it as my "practice" site. OMG!!! The hoops I've had to jump through to get this done!! Refs signing up and getting 1/2 credit, then falling off the face of the earth, manual credits taking over a month, refs forgetting to enter information holding up the approval process. I feel like this is the hardest $160 I ever earned!!! But now all that's behind me because...

I GOT PAID!!!![/color298fab06d2][/size298fab06d2]


06-05-2007 11:52:37

Not bad at all...keep it up )


06-05-2007 12:48:32

I had the same problem with the one that was suppose to be my first site....started it around April 1st...and its still not done. I put it on the back burner for now.

Way to get it done! Good Job![/color3053cc7572]


06-05-2007 12:52:28



06-05-2007 13:41:57

Congrats. You earned that one!!!