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02-05-2007 12:06:41

I just won the April raffle from givafree.com!!! I had a choice of the wii or $200 in my paypal! (I took the cash of course)

Givafree just sent you money with PayPal.

Givafree is a Verified buyer.


Payment Details

Amount $200.00 USD

Transaction ID 38473958KB8299111

Subject The winner of promotion.givafree.com April Raffle

Note Congratulation on this gift! I hope you enjoy our site! Check out our next promotion of May where you can win an Ipod Shuffle each Week! Please post proof pics and send those to email==gifts@givafree.comgifts@givafree.com=gifts@givafree.comgifts@givafree.com/email


02-05-2007 13:01:24

You are crazy for taking the cash!! the wii alone is worth $250 bucks and they are still impossible to get in stores.

but congrats on winning!!


02-05-2007 13:27:04

Well, I really need the cash. Now I have some money to get some referrals, and this is the answer to my prayers!!.
And here where I live, those wii's are everywhere! We looked at them the other day, and they must have had 50 of them. My friend bought one on sale for $209.99!


02-05-2007 14:24:41

Congrats on your win. I would have taken the money too.


02-05-2007 15:58:33

First off, I would like to say congrats )

To take a screen shot, it is usually Shift (Or Fn) + a key that should say PrtSc or some variation of that. After you do that, open up Microsoft Paint and press Ctrl + V to paste it. Now edit out anything you wish, and it's best to save it as a .jpg.url==http://=http:///url Now to to imageshack.us and upload it, then post the image here D


02-05-2007 16:09:47

Congrats lorny35 on your win!!! D


02-05-2007 16:23:08

Ok thanks bunches
[imgb502abd06b]http/" alt=""/img440.imageshack.us/img="440/2112/paypalra3.th.jpg[" alt=""/imgb502abd06b][=http//img="440.imageshack.us/my.php?image=paypalra3.jpg][imgb502abd06b]http/" alt=""/img440.imageshack.us/img="440/2112/paypalra3.th.jpg[" alt=""/imgb502abd06b]
click to enlarge


03-05-2007 06:33:21

Congrat Lorny and thank's for the proof picture!


03-05-2007 10:51:17

You are VERY welcome!