TraInn Finally Coughs it Up

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Big War Bird

28-04-2007 19:51:51

[quote70c9f0ad7b]Dear Gregory Blilililililililililili,

Transcendent Innovations just sent you money with PayPal.

Transcendent Innovations is a Verified buyer.


Payment Details

Amount $500.00 USD

Transaction ID 22G86713R21lililililili

Subject Thank you for your participation!

Note Thank you for your participation!

Transcendent Innovations, Inc.

Custom Note Thank you for your participation! [/quote70c9f0ad7b]

Only took me two months! roll


28-04-2007 21:06:18

congrats keep it up


28-04-2007 21:25:25

Wow, glad Trainn came through. I wonder when they will release their next site...


29-04-2007 06:43:03

Congrats, nice payout


29-04-2007 10:02:54

What was the problem w/ them?

Easy Bling

29-04-2007 10:06:27

Congrats, was it two months because of referrals, or you two were having issues?


29-04-2007 11:38:35



29-04-2007 11:48:07

haha, I highly doubt Trainn was keeping the money b/c they wanted to. Youre not telling the full story...


29-04-2007 13:37:45

Why were they holding your money for that's not like TRAINN to do that..


29-04-2007 14:04:39

[quotec64612e37b="ILoveToys"]What was the problem w/ them?[/quotec64612e37b]

There was none. He was paid within 36 hours of the order being placed.


Big War Bird

29-04-2007 16:36:41

[quote38d1cbb06f="ILoveToys"]What was the problem w/ them?[/quote38d1cbb06f]

There was no problem with TraInn itself, it just took me a lot longer than I wanted it too. I had three referrals go red and had to wait 3 weeks on manual credits.

sandra habina

29-04-2007 17:01:05

Yes these manual credits seem to be taking forever. On all sites.

Congrats on finally finishing and getting paid.