Paid from another 2 networks :D

Live forum:


17-04-2007 13:26:18

First one is PayPirate. There is two transactions, because I talked him into sending payments with out fees, and he decided to give me $40 a ref for letting him know how D

http/" alt=""/"74/4562/paypiratecv0.gif[" alt=""/imgd5bb609890]

Next one is UltimateFreebies for $250...

[img="d5bb609890]http/" alt=""/"161/294/ultimatezv3.gif[" alt=""/imgd5bb609890]

Mr. ChEkO StIcK

17-04-2007 14:49:36

Nice man!


17-04-2007 15:03:59

thats tight! how do u send without fees? can you tell me (PM)


17-04-2007 19:16:28

Awesome, congrats!! )