W00T For Trainn!

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17-04-2007 10:06:53

Submitted dvdrecorders4free last wednesday night and 3 business days later (yesterday), found out someone went red on me ( So I quickly went to find another ref. My ref does an instant offer but 2 hours later, it has still not credited so I sigh and retire for the night hoping that it wouldn't be a long manual request wait that I'd have to to do. This morning, I wake up to check and WOW, my account didn't just have the required number of refs, it was approved and I was able to order my free gift! (Making it a total of 4 business days in which it took them to approve my account!)

W00T!! This is like the 6th or 7th Trainn site I've completed now ^^ I love Trainn's network )!


17-04-2007 13:16:24

Nice job, and congrats D


17-04-2007 15:05:08



17-04-2007 19:14:05

Congratulations!! )


17-04-2007 22:56:44