Logitech.v-bux pays me $180!

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V-Bux Dave

16-04-2007 08:23:47

This was my first Freebie Payout! Weehoo!

http/" alt=""/img177.imageshack.us/img="177/8451/proofxa1.jpg[" alt=""/img46ba312d2d]

I used it to buy a Logitech Joystick and MS Flight Simulator X Deluxe on eBay, paid some to my son for being on of my referrals, and still had money left over!


16-04-2007 09:59:13

Congratulations!! )


16-04-2007 17:08:11

Congrats D

Big War Bird

16-04-2007 19:51:43

Good Job!