lucky friday the 13th :)

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14-04-2007 07:00:59

hey everybody.. just wnated to brag a lil about completing my very first site D.. feels great and i cant wait to start on more.. i completed freebiemonster and passed approval and got 120 paypal from them yesterday lol ... i want to thank my 3 refs for all their help.. blackpowder13...c barry smith.. and heypal1967 were all outstanding newbies.. went green and stayed that way all the way thru approval.. i recommend them to anyone... here is a cut and paste of the e-mail.. sorry dunno how to do a screenshot yet oops

Dear shawn gowen,

DDP Enterprise just sent you money with PayPal.

DDP Enterprise is a Verified buyer.


Payment Details

Amount $120.00 USD

Transaction ID

Subject FreebieMonster Payment

Note Thank you for your order on

Best Regards,
Dinis P.
GiftMonster Member Services

MAN thats disco ;)

p.s. just took part in giftmonsters new promotion.. yall should too if ya havent done so already.. they are great sites



14-04-2007 08:03:46

Thank you for posting your proof and be sure to check out our other sites below.
PS- Remember we usually approve within one day and ship the next![/bc66072632a]


14-04-2007 10:29:56

Great job, congrats!! )


14-04-2007 11:07:11

Very Nice!


14-04-2007 12:24:23

congrats and good luck on many more


14-04-2007 18:01:24

Congrats D


15-04-2007 17:26:24