yourgiftsfree paid me FAST!

Live forum:


08-04-2007 11:40:57

great experience! i had sidekick3 site open for awhile, the $50 a ref kept calling me lol. i pm'ed him and he greened one of my refs from february who had submitted manual credit. I decided to refer 3 more refs which instantly greened also! Very helpful support here on fipg pm's and forum, i was approved, came back to check my mail and paypal received quickly!

so far i'm having a good weekend P

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08-04-2007 11:56:03



08-04-2007 12:37:55

Nice Job D


08-04-2007 22:23:16

Congratulations!! )

sandra habina

12-04-2007 02:14:24

Almost done with my sidekick3. Congratulations to You.