First TV shipped! 32" Digimate LCD HDTV

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06-04-2007 14:02:53

We just receive this picture from one of our users. He receive this LCD HDTV Digimate 32"

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I hope he is happy with this one!

Congratz to Mike!


06-04-2007 14:21:45

How many referrals did that take?


06-04-2007 14:29:50

Also, it would help if the person who got that TV posted here.


06-04-2007 14:36:16

This person is not a Freebie Forum User, and talking in French.

That 17 referral for Canadian users, he complete it with no referral.

USA users can have an HDTV 32" Samsung for 23 referral (Better TV)


06-04-2007 18:51:36

Nice to whoever got that ^_^