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03-04-2007 13:39:18

Well it said that this is the place for me to come and brag so here I am. The thing is I am not going to brag about an item i got or anything like that. I would like to brag about a person that I have me while I have been on this site. His name is Ricochet. He has been one of the most understanding and helpful people I have ever met. When we did our trade it went green and then turned to red. But instead of him jumping all over me about it he let me know what was going on and we worked out something between us. Most people would not have done that. I want everybody to know what kind of person he is and let him know that I am in wonder over his kind heart and his understanding. If any of you ever get the chance to trade with him you will see what I mean. If he gets to read this I want to again tell him thank you.


03-04-2007 18:13:48

Thank for the kind words. After having watched how problems arize and are addressed, I realize that things get resolved quickly when handled with patience versus anger. I thank you for helping me get a quick resolution!!

+ KARMA for you!!!


03-04-2007 20:45:08

dittto christina on what a great person and trader this guy is.


05-04-2007 01:21:31

It's really nice to hear a story like that. Usually when someone posts about how another trader acted during a trade, it's to accuse them of scamming.

I'm glad there are good people on this site. I think most people here are honest, which is reassuring.