WOW! One that really works!

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01-04-2007 21:47:37

I can't believe I actually had money in my paypal account the 1st day (well 2nd day if you count me goin to freelunch). anywho, very cool, my 1st time the person I made the trade with was patient and paid INSTANTLY. I made almost more in 4 hours on my first day, than i would have made in my previous part time job in a week. Finally, one that flililin works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


01-04-2007 23:09:16

congrats and good luck on more successful trades


03-04-2007 14:30:17

Congrats with that and good luck with future trades/sites.


04-04-2007 13:21:07

Who are the traders?


04-04-2007 14:13:30

Im happy to be able to trade with you and continue your(and my) success in receiving our CASH! lol