$500 from GiftsInn.net! Great site!! Fast payout!!!

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30-03-2007 17:38:52

Been working hard, and its paid off! Heres another $500 Payment from GiftsInn.net! Great site!!!
http/" alt=""/img20.imageshack.us/img="20/5194/giftsinn500paypalnc8.jpg[" alt=""/img5113c4c383][=http//imageshack.us][img="5113c4c383]http/" alt=""/img20.imageshack.us/img="20/5194/giftsinn500paypalnc8.jpg[" alt=""/img5113c4c383][/url]


30-03-2007 17:41:05

Nice Job ^_^ D


30-03-2007 17:53:09

Congrats )

One of the fastest paying i've ever seen.


30-03-2007 18:13:31

Congrats and thanks for posting the payment pic.

I think he does his trading on other forums.


30-03-2007 18:15:29

Congrats...glad you had a good experience, mine was horrible w/ that network


31-03-2007 19:07:50

[quotee35cefd508="Rampage575"]Congrats...glad you had a good experience, mine was horrible w/ that network[/quotee35cefd508]

You had a situation in which your all referrals had similar ips, we just had to verify everything was fine. You still received your payment quickly.


31-03-2007 19:40:21

Thats awesome. I'm waiting on my last ref credits before I get my $1000 too!


31-03-2007 21:54:38

congrats! , I definetly love doing giftsinn sites , that network is one of the best imo )


01-04-2007 05:35:46

congrads nice payout

sandra habina

01-04-2007 13:32:46

I gotta check them out. Congrats.


01-04-2007 16:42:05

How many referrals do you need to get $500? What are the offers looking like? It's not like the 1/3 credit offers or 1/4 credit offers. I just want to complete one offer for a full credit.


01-04-2007 16:52:51

7 refs for 500...

hosting offers are full credit, have to keep them 1 month, some have bonuses...