My first prize! From! VERY FAST

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26-03-2007 07:14:46

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I didnt want to go big because this was my first site that i tried so i decided to see how it works. But still very fast! I love ZeroPriceTags!

Big War Bird

26-03-2007 07:17:24

Congrats, It a great feeling isn't it. How long did it take and how much did you spend?


26-03-2007 07:49:13

Congrats! You can always go for a bigger order and complete ZeroPricetags again. ) Just be sure to complete another offer and if you exceed $599, you are required to submit a W9 tax form.


26-03-2007 10:43:33

Congrats on your prize.


26-03-2007 13:34:10

Nice Job P


26-03-2007 16:10:18



26-03-2007 16:12:12

Grats! D


27-03-2007 09:58:14

I was going to do that site too.. I didn't realize you could keep getting more referrals for the same site over and over. I know not all of them do it.. but that's awesome! Is there a limit to how many orders you can place? And what's the payout time like for ZeroPriceTags?

sandra habina

29-03-2007 06:07:14

Awesome Congrats.