$375 from NewVideoIpod4Free (FreeComputerAddons)

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24-03-2007 08:58:14

wooo. Took me forever to get these refs. Good site, I never completed one of them before.

Their ref requirements aren't the best but everything credited well and I was paid promptly.

I won't post a screenshot, you all know what a paypal transfer looks like D

Now only if he didn't raise the requirements on carstuff4free I'd be happy. It was a $240 gas card for 6 referrals...I got 5 and my 6th one failed to credit (even after he submitted for manual). I let it go for a few months hoping the manual credit would come through and I was out of the freebie scene...I come back and it's now 8 refs!!!!!!

So now I have 5 greens which are barely worth the price I paid for them on here! Oh well.

There should be some kind of unwritten freebie site rule that once you sign up for a prize and begin collecting greens that you are locked into your current prize requirement. I think it's kind of lame to do otherwise and is the reason I can't give this network a solid grade even though they just paid me.


24-03-2007 11:26:50

That sucks about getting the ref amounts changed on you, but congrats for the $375.