WOW - CustomOrderThis is lightning fast !!!

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23-03-2007 17:41:10


I've seen really slow, and I've seen quick. But CustomOrderThis just beat it all - From when I placed my order to payout was [b60439d091d]17 MINUTES[/b60439d091d] !!!

Pasted from my account

Order Date Prize Status 03/23/07, [b60439d091d]0705 PM[/b60439d091d] CDT

Custom Order (Contact for a referral amount. Must be under $600)

Shipped 03/23/07, [b60439d091d]0722 PM[/b60439d091d] CDT
Your order has been shipped from our vendor.

Doesn't get any better than that. Thanks COT !!!



23-03-2007 18:05:31

Nice job, but how much/what was your order for?


23-03-2007 19:00:54

$280 PayPal - and it was in my PayPal account within the 17 minutes.


24-03-2007 09:34:34

mine was $599.00 and paid just as quick. (Fred)