What Does The Owner Of ZPT Do All Day?

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23-03-2007 14:24:04

He sits in front of his computer(s), answers support tickets immediately, approves within minutes, sends paypal within seconds!!!!!! Submitted for approval on cash.zpt at like 228 pm and paypal was sent at 241 pm!! Un-freakin-believable!!! GET A LIFE JKirk!!!!! Don't sit in front of your computer all day! (J/K ) lol Thanks for the awesome awesome support!!
Another 240.00 paypal added!


23-03-2007 16:37:07

Exactly how much was your payment..?


23-03-2007 23:48:27

Of course, he could have illegals handling it, or clones. ;)

JKirk may even be the online persona of a massive supercomputer which approves automatically and sends human looking cyborgs after scammers.

Then again, he may just have a laptop...