I love 2dollar deal! Another $300! :)

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23-03-2007 07:42:47

Hi all! I just LOVE the 2dollardeal sites!! Can you believe - my account was [bf9913a2522][if9913a2522]approved and PAID within 8 hours of submitting for verification! [/if9913a2522][/bf9913a2522]Wow! I could have easily gotten a bigger prize if I'd held out another day or so, but I needed some quick cash flow. Thanks, 2dollardeal! D

http/" alt=""/img128.imageshack.us/img="128/7934/2dollardealmar07cv2.png[" alt=""/imgf9913a2522]


23-03-2007 12:11:07


sandra habina

29-03-2007 06:15:25

Way to go Amber - Congrats.


29-03-2007 06:36:54

well done