Free zippo lighter

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20-03-2007 16:50:03

I got a free metal (no markings) Zippo brand lighter in the mail today from Marlboro (from the thing I posted on my free stuff of the day thread)

Anyone else that requested the freebie get theirs already?

Pretty sweet. I was expecting it to have Marlboro printed on it but it's just a plain silver one. Much more stylish


20-03-2007 16:51:28

I know my friend got the free zippo from Marlboro maybe 2 months ago. Very cool freebie


20-03-2007 18:24:33

I signed up for this too, can't wait to get it.


20-03-2007 22:40:19

Wait what? Someone wanna throw me a link here? I like doing Zippo lighter tricks


21-03-2007 05:21:32

check my free stuff of the day thread in the for sale forum